Krasiczyn Castle

The Krasiczyn Castle, located in the south west of Poland, was constructed from 1580 to 1631. Originally built in Rennaisance style by Stanislaw Siecienski of Siecin, it served as a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth stronghold in the south. Later converted it got upgraded to being a sophisticated residence with help of an Italian Architect.


Though always occupied by noble Polish families, the castle has received visits from most royalty of Poland through it’s years and is among the more famous of castles in Poland.

The castle has survived numerous fires, and massive destruction to its interior during WWII by the red army. After WWII during Communist Party occupation of Poland, the castle was converted to a high school of forestry. After the fall of the Communist party it became property of the Warsaw Development Industrial Agency, and was restored.


The surrounding gardens and castle itself are now a tourist destination available for hotel stays, guided tours, dinning, annual renaissance events, and hosting for weddings.


The neighboring village of Krasiczyn which formed over the years around the castle continues to thrive and support visitors to the castle. With a population of 440, it’s a quaint little area to explore where the locals will surely be happy to chat with foreigners and tell you some of the history. The southwest of Poland in general are beautiful and lush in the Summer and wonderful destination for a relaxing trip away from the cities. With lots of wineries, parks, lakes, and other villages, it’s a great region to explore and castles like Krasiczyn make little just the right excuses for taking the trip.



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