Schloss Moritzburg

A baroque style palace in Saxony named after Duke Moritz of Saxony. It’s located 13 km (8 miles) from Dresden. The Schloss is surrounded by an artificial lake which also serves as a moat.

Schloss Moritzburg

It has a completely symmetrical design (making it exceptionally pleasing to look at in my opinion), not only accomplished by, but certainly with the help of four identical towers colored in ochre and white.

Schloss Moritzburg

Duke Moritz had it built as a renaissance style hunting lodge between 1542 and 1546. The surrounding gardens and forest came later, and over the years adjustments have been made to it. Most notable of updates were 1723 to 1733 when it was converted to baroque style under the commissions of August the Strong, King of Poland. Since then it has remained as King Augustus intended.


Moritzburg served as a backdrop for European classic fairytale movie “The Three Nuts of Cinderella”.

Only a short walk from Moritzburg one can also explore, the Fasanenschlösschen (“Little Pheasant Castle”) which is made in Rococo style.

Aerial View of Moritzburg

While it’s not my favorite selling point, an interesting bit of trivia is the Speisesaal (“dining hall”) which contains 71 antlers, one of which is considered to be the heaviest decorative antlers in the world (19kilos/44lbs).

Also as one will find exploring the museums palaces, and other historical sites of the area known as “the Historical Porcelain Quarter”, there is a fancy collection of Meissen Ceramics on display.

Schloss Moritzburg in Saxony

Moritzburg the town is located in a wonderful section of Germany, just off the banks of the Elbe, in the “Saxonson Wein Strasse”. The region features many other castles including the very famous Albrechtsburg in Meissen, and beautiful country side all speckled around the Elbe which runs into Dresden, a cultural heritage site worth a couple days visit easily on it’s own. The area is great for short historical trip, and has a famous wine region throughout which offers many wineries to visit have tasting, and sometimes include guest houses offering overnight accommodation.

Schloss Moritzburg

Admission to Schloss Moritzburg is free on your your birthday, otherwise 7€ and 3.50€ reduced.

Address: Schloßallee, 01468 Moritzburg, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 35207 873-18

Other site with information:

Schloss Moritzburg


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