Bojnice Castle

Located in the center of Slovakia,the impressive and elegant Bojnice Castle towers above fields and country side of Prievidza Village in the Trenčín Region.

Bojnice Castle Slovakia

Originally built in the 12th century as a wood fortress, it progressed over centuries to reinforced stone as it also changed hands between Kings and Noble families. It wasn’t converted to a renaissance structure until the 16th century under the ownership of the Thurzó family.

Bojnice Castle Slovakia

In the 17th century the castle was passed to the Pálffys during that time and passed down through the family until János Ferenc Pálffy saw to the romantic reconstruction of the castle from 1888-1910 which made it resemble the French chateaux of the Loire valley.

Bojnice Castle Slovakia

Bojnice became part of the Czechoslovak Government in 1945 and shortly after was heavily damaged by a fire. It was restored and a museum was built as a part of the restoration.

The museum at the Bojnice Castle is the most popular museum in Slovakia. And the park around the castle has a zoo which is the oldest zoo in Slovakia.

Bojnice Castle

Zámok a okolie 1

972 01 Bojnice

Slovakia Castle Slovakia


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