Moszna Castle

Wow what a castle I have for you today!

Castle Moszna Opole

Say hello to Moszna! Ain’t this a beauty?

I’m in a good mood, because, apparently this site had a unique visitor yesterday! That’s fantastic as it’s still a brand new site and without linking out to other sites, or getting any back links, Google has already decided to start sending people our way (by our I really mean “my”).

So woo hoo! And while looking into how someone could have found this site, I discovered more castle web sites, (there are many you know). Which is how I stumbled upon who have a nice list of castles in Poland. Though I’ve seen most of them already and passed on them or decided to write about them at a later time, Zamek Moszna caught my eye. I mean just look at it!

Castle Moszna Opole

Poland really has it going on. I thought I was in Castle country when I started seeing them dot the maps of Germany. But I don’t know, we might have to pass on the award for most castles some day… we’ll see. Poland you’re doing good!

Moszna isn’t quite as old as the other castles I’ve written about, most documents point to it’s creation in the 17th century, that’s still a good leap before King Ludwig II’s castles of the 19th century. Apparently though it could be older, wikipedia mentions origins as a Templar castle, which could date it all the way back to the 12th century, but that’s here say. What stands today is a result of reparations after a big fire (this is a common theme with all these castles…) in a baroque (the central older section) and neogothic style the later being constructed only in 1900 along with an orangery.

Castle Moszna

Apparently like a couple other notable castles of Polska it’s also really big. I hope to be in this area in June so I’ll go see for myself. But it does boast 365 rooms making it really really big! And as True Nomads mentioned 99 towers…I only count a couple dozen from the photos, but we can go see for ourselves right! (the official website also confirms this ambitious count.)

Another interesting piece of trivia, as many castles tend to brag, this one had some important visitors and residents including Kaiser Wilhelm II. It also spent some time as a convalescence home after WWII.

Castle Moszna Opole

I guess it’s Disney like feel, with some roots deep-ish into history, give it a sense of authenticity, which I like.

About visiting, the area…

And the castle & gardens, are also so nice! Just 6 złoty and 10 for a guided tour /trust me this is a fair price!

If you want you can stay in the castle, as The Gold Room at Mosznalow as 100 złoty get’s you a mini room, just a little more for a delux and private bathroom. Whereas 500 złoty get’s a 5 bedroom “Gold” suite. Compared to a tiny room in crappy hotel in manhattan for the same price… that’s AWESOME!

They offer spa packages, uses for special events including weddings, conferences, and photoshoots. And there is even a musical theatre which holds performances in the castle!

Normally I like to talk about the surroundings of the castle, the country side, shops, market, hotels etc. While those are available with Moszna, I think the castle’s amenities are already quite a big offer. What more do you need? Just spend a few days there and be whisked away to a castle fantasy!


ul. Zamkowa 1, Zielina, Opole 47-370 , Poland
Phone Number: +48-77-466-96-79
Some trip advisor reviews here which only add confidence to this suggestion.

Moszna on a Map


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