Hrad Bouzov

Originating from the 14th century, Hrad Bouzov or as I will be referring to it “Bouzov Castle”, is in the east side of the Czech Republic. Directly north of Brno, Vienna, and Bratislava. If Czech ever gets attention for anything it’s Prague, and if there’s a castle in Czech that ever get’s any attention it’s Prague Castle, but like a lot of Europe, there is much more than meets the eyes or top ten lists of your run of the mill castles of the world post. This castle which was rebuilt by order of the Grand Master of the Teutontic Knights, and two hundred years later was taken by Chief of the Gestapo and given to Hitler as a present, is quite a the well kept secret.

Stylistically, as all do, it began as just a fortress, not much to show off about. Later it took shape as an early gothic style, later it was converted to renaissance style. Mid 16 hundreds it was burned down, again meeting the same fate as all castles (if you ever build a castle get fire insurance!!!). After much reconstruction in the last two centuries it is now mostly neo-gothic.

Bouziv Castle Countryside

Another Castle site I’ve started dozing around, Castles Today whose mission appears to be quite similar to this one’s, has a lovely google map integration, listing castles all over the world, which can be filtered by country (there is a lot of missing data which just appears as “null” (a database thing) **EHHEMM guys**).

As I begin to exhaust unique, and undiscovered castles from the more obvious sources, sites like Castles Today help to pry through the proverbial rubble for all those gems that lay under the surface. And Bouzov was one of such discoveries. If you’re into castles I suggest taking a peek.

Bouziv Castle Aeria

Compared to other castles I’ve written about, Bouzov is smaller, but still so charming.

As you can see from the photos, it rests above a charming town, in the countryside, far from bustling cities and dirty freeways. Apparently it’s easy to get to by public bus, not that I expect many people to be going to Czech on foot, but for me that actually is good to know 😉

Don’t take my word for it, I haven’t gone yet, but I plan to. But here’s what Trip Advisor reviews say; mostly people loved it, a lot of “well kept secret”, “fairy tale”, “if you’re in the area go here” type of stuff.

If you wanted to come and spend the night, I think you’re in luck; a peek at shows lots of inexpensive rooms in Bouzov, prices as low as $15/night for a douple room. A lot appear to be guest apartments or hostels, but even clearly marked private rooms in pensions/guest houses are below $20/night. Doing this search in May, I guess it’s not quite high season, but still, double the price and you have a good price anyways. Looking on Airbnb didn’t have any listings in the Bouzov town itself, but in the nearby city of Olomouc there were plenty of listings, however the prices are higher so don’t bother unless you want to visit Olomouc!


Hrad Bouziv Interior

As for things to do in the area, I’m not going to lie and say there is wine tasting or bath houses or spas nearby. From all my research, and even a quick double check with Google Maps Street View, it’s pretty apparent there is only a restaurant, a bank and post office in the entire town – which you can probably walk through in 15 minutes. So yeah, unless you like hiking, maybe spending the night isn’t the best idea…

Hrad Bouziv Castle Front Gate

But! And I say this with a huge but!!!! The Moravian wine region of Czech Republic is just an hour’s drive south of Bouzov, and this area offers a lot of fantastic wines you might otherwise only taste in Austria or Germany. From my experience of wine tasting in Germany, don’t expect a Napa Valley kind of thing, you just show up, and buy a bottle, if the farmer or merchant you meet is feeling happy he’ll share some with you, but do buy a bottle!

Bouzov Castle From Above

No hotel or spa packages here unfortunately. From the looks of the tours  they offer, there is plenty to buy there without the upkeep needing additional forms of revenues, or maybe they are just a bit late to the hotel and spa show. We’ll see as time passes.

Visitor Information:

As little as 120 Czech Koruna ($5) will buy one of many different tours offered at the castle. Or you can save up for one of the special themed tours, costumed, night time, candle lit and more for 200 ($8).



Bouzov Castle
783 25 Bouzov 8
Czech Republic


Phone: tel: 585 346 202


Europe Map with Bouzov


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